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Joy Ride

While on a road trip two friends hook up a trucker radio to their car and use it for prank calls. Using the handle "Candy Cane," the two friends prank a lonely trucker named Rusty Nail and make him think that he's meeting a hot girl at a hotel. When Rusty Nail arrives at the hotel, instead of finding Candy Cane, he finds a rude man. Unbeknownst to the two friends, Rusty attacks the man and rips off his bottom jaw. Afterwards, Rusty decides to take revenge on the pranksters by stalking and tormenting them.

Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead

Four friends break down on a highway and walk until they find a farmhouse. Thinking no one lives in the house, they break in and steal a car to get a ride to the nearest gas station. Rusty Nail returns to his house to find his house trashed and his car stolen. He locates the thieves using the tracking device he put on the car, and decides to play sadistic mind games with the thieves as revenge.

Joy Ride 3: Roadkill

Two drug addicts attract Rusty Nail to a hotel room in attempt to rob him. After incapacitating them, Rusty chains them to his truck, telling them if they are able to hold onto his truck for a mile, he'll give them drugs and let them go. After a mile, Rusty doesn't stop, and the female drug addict goes for the drugs taped to the windshield, pulling them both under the truck.

The police find the remains and think that it was wild animals. Later, a group of friends are on a road trip and come across Rusty Nail. The cocky driver cuts off Rusty Nail and almost makes him crash. After nearly crashing, Rusty uses his laptop to identify the people in the car and targets them for his next set of mind games.


  • Voiced by Ted Levine (Voice) for Joy Ride (2001).
  • Portrayed by Matthew Kimbrough (Physically) in Joy Ride.
  • Portrayed by Mark Gibbon in Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead.
  • Portrayed by Ken Kirzinger in Joy Ride 3: Roadkill.