Monster and Slashers Wiki

Rules For Contribution

  •  Pages should be complete with an infobox with, at the very least, the following listed: Movie, Year of Debut, and an Image.
  • Don't add monsters from Animated Movies, Family/Children Movies, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movies, or Action/Thriller Movies unless you have asked the wiki's admin first and they have approved.
  • Don't add monsters that are from Video Games, TV Shows, or Creepypasta unless they are a monster in a horror movie. If they are in a horror movie, information regarding the character should be from the movie.
  • Quickly created multiple pages with the minimum amount of information and poorly selected images may be considered spam and is subject to deletion.
  • Keep things simple and to the point, and don't add redundant information like "This Monster is the main antagonist of the 19xx film "Movie" and is potrayed by John Doe." as that information should already be included in the infobox.
  • Bios outside of the infobox should only be about the character and not the movie and should also only include information about one's backstory and background. They should also be presented like a story and not like an observation or review.
  • The gallery strip is a lot more visually appealing than the actual gallery, as it fits nicely underneath the infobox, please do not convert gallery strips to galleries.

Overall Style

Information should be presented like a rogue's gallery or a sideshow. Information such as "Monster is the titular main antagonist of the 19XX film titled Movie." is not needed. The infobox provides that information. Also, biographies should be presented like a story instead of a review or analysis. The biographies must only contain information related to the character in the film and should be presented in a sort of third-person limited perspective (some exceptions may apply). Biographies should be listed as Bio and should be the at the top, but should be under quotes, if any. Keep information such as "potrayed by" and trivia at the very bottom of the page.