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Friday the 13th Part VIII- Jason Takes Manthattan - Modernized Teaser Trailer



Terrordrome - Jason Voorhees vs Julius Gaw

An avid boxer, Julius is highly competitive and has a tendency to leap before he looks. He is easily the best boxer at Lakeview High School, and is part of the graduating party on the S.S. Lazarus on their trip to New York City where he spends his time doing what he loves. After the captain and his first mate are murdered, he decides to override McCulloch's authority and rallies the rest of the students to hunt down the killer. He is caught by Jason and overpowered before being thrown overboard. After Charles McCulloch, Colleen Van Deusen and his classmates Rennie and Sean escape the ship via life raft, Julius and Rennie's dog Toby are recovered alive. They make their way to New York on the life raft where Rennie is kidnapped by a pair of punks, and McCulloch advises they split up to find help. Finding a payphone, Julius tries to call for the police, but he is attacked by Jason. Fleeing Jason up a fire escape and onto a roof, he finds himself unable to escape and he decides to beat Jason down. Punching Jason and making him back away across the roof, Julius soon becomes exhausted and his fists start bleeding from punching the maniac's mask. Unable to make anymore ground, Julius tells Jason to "Take your best shot". Jason obliges by decapitating Julius with a single blow. Later, his head is stuck on a pike and is discovered in a police car by the rest of his party and a policeman.