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Harry Warden worked as a coal miner for the Hanniger Mines in the town of Valentine Bluffs. One Valentine's Day, the owner of the mine's son forgot to bleed the lines and as a result, Harry and five other miners were trapped after an explosion had caved in the mines. In order to conserve oxygen, Harry killed the other miners and soon fell into a coma. After he was rescued, he woke up from his coma and went on a killing spree and attacked Tom at a party at the mines. Luckily for Tom, two police officers had shown up and shot Harry. Wounded, Harry fled out an escape hatch, where the same officers finished him off and buried his body. The death was covered up by the sheriff of Valentine Bluffs, who didn't want to get his officers in trouble.


Harry Warden in his miner gear.

Harry in his miner gear.

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