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Harry Warden worked as a coal miner for the Hanniger Mines in Valentine Bluffs. One Valentine's Day, Harry and four other miners were trapped after an explosion had caved in the mines. Stuck in the mines for days without food and water, Harry killed the four other miners and ate their bodies. After, he was rescued, he figured out that two supervisors were to blame for the explosion as a result of them forgetting to check the methane gas levels in the mine. As revenge, the next Valentine's Day, Harry dressed in his miner gear and killed both of the supervisors and cut their hearts out. He placed the hearts in two heart-shaped boxes of chocolates at the Valentine's Day dance along with a note warning the town to never hold another dance, or he would kill again. Soon after, he was committed to a mental hospital in Eastfield where he died fifteen years later.

Though, he is not the main killer of the movie, Harry's actions were responsible for creating the copycat killer.

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