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Ghostface is an identity taken on by multiple people. The persona was created by Billy Loomis and Stu Macher. The overall physical persona of Ghostface consists of a dime-a-dozen Halloween costume labeled Father Death and a voice changer.


  • Billy Loomis: Sidney Prescott's ex-boyfriend. A charismatic psychopath obsessed with horror movies. Along with Stu Macher, Billy killed Maureen Prescott as revenge for sleeping with his father and breaking apart his family. A year later, he became Ghostface along with Stu to kill their friends and make themselves famous by being survivors.
  • Stu Macher: A psychotic and morbid teen also obsessed with horror movies. Stu became Ghostface with Billy to get back at his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend.
  • Debbie Loomis: The mother of Billy Loomis. She became Ghostface along with Mickey, to kill Sidney as revenge for killing her son.
  • Mickey Altieri: A friend of Sidney's, the accomplice of Debbie Loomis, and a sociopath. Debbie found him on the internet and used him for her plan. Mickey wanted to get caught and blame the killings on horror movies.
  • Roman Bridger: A famous director, Sidney's half-brother, and the mastermind behind the Woodsboro Massacre. Roman showed Billy a recording of his father going to meet Maureen in a motel, and convinced him to commit the murders with Stu. He became Ghostface to torment and frame his half-sister for having the love of his mother.
  • Jill Roberts: The cousin of Sidney Prescott. Jill became Ghostface in order to become famous by being the sole survivor of the murders.
  • Charlie Walker: A movie and tech geek and accomplice of Jill Roberts. Charlie was convinced by Jill into becoming Ghostface with her.