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The Raven (1935) Trailer

Dr. Richard Vollin is a retired surgeon obsessed with the writings of Edgar Allan Poe. He has crafted many torture devices inspired by Poe's tales, which he keeps in his home, and describes the raven as his talisman.

Vollin is asked to treat a young woman named Jean Thatcher, who has been injured in a car accident. Even though he is retired, he is told he's the only doctor skilled enough to save her. After some convincing, he agrees and is successful in helping her.

He falls in love with Jean, but she already has a boyfriend, and her father tells Vollin to stay away and respect her happiness. He is upset, feeling he is owed for saving her life, and plots to get revenge on them. An opportunity comes with the arrival of escaped fugitive Edmond Bateman, who asks Vollin to change his face. Vollin admits he's not a plastic surgeon, but that there is a way he can do it. In return, he asks Bateman to commit torture and murder for him, saying it's in his line, citing crimes he committed in his escape.

Bateman refuses, insisting he has money, but Vollin refuses. Bateman then tells Vollin he not only wants to escape justice, but that ever since he was born he has been called ugly and that he feels this is the reason for his antisocial behavior, which he wants to end. Vollin then agrees to chaneg his face right away, but instead has been inspired with antoher idea.

Vollin ruins half of Bateman's face, and promises to fix it only after Bateman helps him in his scheme. Reluctantly, Bateman agrees. Vollin then lures Jean, her father, and boyfriend to his home and traps them in his different devices. Now completely insane, he threatens Jean as well, which is the last straw for Bateman. Vollin wounds him, but Bateman overcomes him and rescues Jean and her boyfriend, before trapping Vollin in a shrinking room, where he is killed.