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The Bunnyman is a chainsaw wielding maniac in a rabbit costume. Very little is known about the Bunnyman's past prior to his killings, but it is believed in that he used to be a young boy named "Michael" before he was horribly burnt and disfigured upon recognition.

Bunnyman (2011)

When a group of six friends are driving on a road in the remote parts of California, they cut off The Bunnyman in his truck, who secretly has a girl he's been chasing in the back. Infuriated, The Bunnyman chases them down, bumping the back of their car with his truck several times until they pull over.

When Rachael gets out and tries to open his door and apologize, The Bunnyman slams his door in her face and then closes it again, making her go back to her car. They decide to wait it out until he leaves, which The Bunnyman eventually does. In the meantime, he takes the girl that was trying to hide and ties her to a tree and his truck with chains, then drives off to rip her in half.

Later, when Rachael and her friends try to forget what happened, The Bunnyman returns to run them off the road and ruin their engine. While Jack is underneath the car trying to fix it, he returns and crashes into them again, crushing Jack underneath the car. The group leave the car behind for their safety to look for help but only find Joe, a deranged and perverted hillbilly who warns them to leave. Late at night they meet Melissa with her brother Jacob, who were secretly hiding Jack's body, and tell them to go and hide in an "abandoned" cabin.

En route to the cabin, Jennifer and Mike spot The Bunnyman right after he's killed two people and he kills Jennifer, sending Mike to run off and warn the others of what he saw. The group tries to barricade the cabin, only for The Bunnyman to return and nearly get into the house with his chainsaw, though Mike manages to disarm him and force him to leave. When Mike sets it down when he thinks it's safe however, The Bunnyman knocks out Tiffany to cause a distraction and he takes back his chainsaw. The Bunnyman then chases Mike underneath the house and kills him. The Bunnyman along with Pops, a demented hunchback, torture Tiffany to death and cook her remains.

When John and Rachael, who've been hiding inside their house burst out to try and steal Melissa's car keys, they instead get captured. The Bunnyman has dinner with his partners in crime but when he tries eating without taking off his mask, Melissa angrily orders him to take it off and he does, revealing his mangled face that barely has any skin on it. John then suddenly manages to free himself from his restraints and also free Rachael when he steals The Bunnyman's chainsaw. John kills Melissa by gutting her with the chainsaw and then runs off to her car with Rachael.

The next day, Melissa's car breaks down and The Bunnyman manages to catch up with them in his truck. Having a plan however, John tells Rachael to play dead and he gives her to The Bunnyman as a peace offering which he accepts. When Rachael is in The Bunnyman's truck however, she pulls out a pair of scissors and stabs him twice, then leaves him on the side of the road. The Bunnyman survives however and walks off into the sunset, leaving Pops behind.

During the credits, some 8MM footage is shown that could possibly be a young Bunnyman wearing a gas mask along with his family.

The Bunnyman Massacre (2014)

When a bus full of middle school children stops to pick up a young girl bleeding at the mouth at a bus stop, the girl falls over to reveal she was tied up there. While the bus driver is distracted by a student, The Bunnyman appears beside the bus and shoots her in the head with a shotgun. He then gets onto the bus and murders over a dozen of the children with his chainsaw.

Sometime later, The Bunnyman walks through a cornfield until he comes across a few tents and kills a woman by taking her inside her sleeping bag and smashing her body against a rock. When a couple having sex hears the commotion, he shoots the man point blank in the head with a sniper rifle and then stabs the woman in the neck with a machete when she finds the other woman's body.

The Bunnyman continues wandering until he finds himself at a ranch where the hillbilly, Joe, from the previous movie is hanging the bloody skeleton of an unknown person by their feet and starts mocking The Bunnyman. When he asks The Bunnyman if he put up a sign on the side of the road, The Bunnyman simply nods, though he didn't spell it right. Joe then mocks how he was stabbed in the previous movie and had his truck stolen, then telling him he doesn't know where his family is which angers The Bunnyman and he walks off.

A family drives to the ranch the next day after seeing The Bunnyman's "refreshmants" sign and meets with Joe once again, who also runs a motel and sells his own beef jerky. When the father of the family asks what a gold star on the bag means, he lies and says it's marinated longer than usual, when he actually killed a police officer and cooked his flesh. He then watches amused as the family eats human flesh without knowing it.

Later that night, The Bunnyman has dinner with Joe and gives him the cleaned skull of boar. When The Bunnyman tries feeding his pet rabbit the human meat off his plate, Joe insults him again and he stops. Joe then angrily throws the cage it was in against a wall and kills it. The Bunnyman then throws a temper tantrum, knocking things over, until he has a flashback to his murders from the first movie and the children from earlier, hearing Melissa's voice telling him "everything is going to be ok" and "no one can hurt him anymore".

The next day, Joe finds a group of four hikers and radios to The Bunnyman that they're entering the woods, who starts stalking two of them and kills Rachael (not the same Rachael from the previous movie) with a machete when she leaves her friend behind to investigate a noise. When Rachael's friend calls out to her, as well as Lauren and Sarah, The Bunnyman hacks her to death with a machete and starts hearing Melissa's voice in his head again, repeating what she said the first time. The Bunnyman then chases down an unknown woman from a different group of four hikers and impales her head with his chainsaw.

Sarah and Lauren continue their hike until they come across Joe's motel and leave when he returns after Lauren insults his store not knowing he's there. As they're leaving, Joe fires his rifle into the air and threatens them for insulting his store and then trying to leave. He then forces them to walk to his barn where he chains Lauren to a bed, with The Bunnyman guarding the both of them. He tells Sarah he's going to kill them simply because he's a sadist who gets off on other people's pain and he enjoys "having the power of a god" over other people. When Joe is about to rape Lauren, Sarah says she saw four other female hikers earlier that he could have instead and tries bargaining with him for their lives.

Joe agrees to her deal and lets her go, but warns her to not leave. Joe tells The Bunnyman to give Sarah a gun, which he does, with Joe saying she'll need it to get them. Joe also tells her that the nearest sheriff's office is an hour away and if she isn't back in 30 minutes, he'll kill Lauren. After Sarah leaves, Joe leaves Lauren alone with The Bunnyman. Lauren begs The Bunnyman to let her go, who only responds by showing her his further decayed face.

Sometime later, Sarah finds the other three hikers and orders them to follow her, taking one of them by gun point. She successfully takes them back to the barn and The Bunnyman takes the gun back. Joe honors his deal and lets Lauren and Sarah go free. Later, while the sisters argue about whether or not it was the right thing to do, The Bunnyman pulls up in his truck and knocks the both of them out.

The next day, Sheriff Clint Baxter pulls up to Joe's store and asks for directions, but Joe only disrespectfully tells him he doesn't know how to get where he wants to go. When Joe asks what Clint is doing, Clint tells him he's investigating the disappearance of a few of his deputies and asks Joe if he has any idea where they could be, but Joe lies and says people go missing all the time in the area. Sheriff Clint leaves after giving Joe his card.

Later that day, Joe tells the three kidnapped women to picks a number between one and ten, the "winner" gets hit in the gut with the butt of his rifle and he takes her away. The Bunnyman is then seen carrying a barrel up a hill to Joe and the unlucky girl, which is shown to have the wet skeleton of a person inside. Joe forces the girl inside the barrel and then drills several nails into it until he suddenly kicks it down the hill, stabbing her with all the nails with every roll and bump down the hill, killing her.

Back at the barn, Kelly tries bribing Joe into being let go, but only has $100. Joe punches her in the face for disrespecting his greediness and then asks her what her friend's name is, which she says is Stephanie. When she asks Joe to let Stephanie go, he agrees and asks her if she wants to leave without her friend. At Kelly's insistence, Stephanie says she wants to leave and Joe cuts her loose, letting her run away. Stephanie however finds The Bunnyman chopping wood and hides inside an RV, closing the door loudly. While Joe taunts the other girl with how he's going to rape her, The Bunnyman is closing in on Stephanie and she climbs onto the roof. The Bunnyman however kicks the back of it to knock her off and knocks her out.

Joe cuts Kelly loose just so he can chase her down to try and rape her for "playing hard to get", and she runs to a garage where she watches The Bunnyman put Stephanie onto a bed and put on a welding mask, then uses a mechanical drill to burrow into her eye. When The Bunnyman catches her, he grabs a grappling hook and puts his bunny mask back on. He eventually hooks her leg when she tries hiding on top of an old truck and pulls her down to knock her out as well.

Kelly wakes up next to Lauren and Sarah who are revealed to still be alive. Joe asks which one he wants to kill and The Bunnyman picks Sarah, though Joe tells him he's getting Lauren instead and gives him his sniper rifle, though he accidentally breaks it. When Joe leaves to try and fix it, The Bunnyman follows. Kelly manages to break the wood holding them and she leaves without them for kidnapping her and getting her friends killed. Joe shoots her in her other leg when she tries escaping, with Sarah and Lauren running off while Joe and The Bunnyman are distracted with her.

The Bunnyman nearly strangles Kelly to death until he hears Melissa's voice once again. He decides to kill her instead with his chainsaw. Joe then hears Lauren and Sarah and chases after them in the woods, with The Bunnyman close behind. The girls find Sheriff Clint and they tell him about Joe and The Bunnyman, who then tells them to stay in his truck while he goes after them. Sheriff sneaks up behind Joe with his pistol, giving him an opportunity to surrender. When Joe insults him again, they have an old western duel with both of them managing to get a shot off.

The Bunnyman finds Lauren and Sarah in Sheriff Clint's truck and he drags Lauren out the open window to start strangling her. Sarah tries shooting him, but misses and he drops Lauren. The Bunnyman then grabs Lauren by the head and bashes her head against the car door until she's dead.

Joe is revealed to have shot Sheriff Clint in the shoulder in the duel, who then gouges out his eyes with his thumbs, but Sheriff Clint still manages to shoot Joe in the neck. Sarah wakes up to find Lauren dead and cries over her sister's body until she sees The Bunnyman approaching her with his chainsaw and she grabs Sheriff Clint's other pistol, but it only has one bullet left. Rather than give The Bunnyman the satisfaction of killing her, Sarah shoots herself in the head.

The Bunnyman then finds Joe bleeding heavily from his neck and Joe knows The Bunnyman wants to kill him, pressuring him to do so, and he obliges by shooting Joe in the head with his own rifle. The Bunnyman then walks off into the sunset once again, searching for his family.

Bunnyman Vengeance (2017)

The Bunnyman is seen once again, watching some of the 8mm footage. The film has a young John drag The Bunnyman by their arm and throw them on the ground, then start berating them inaudibly for unknown reasons. Then, Carl gives John a rag with a lighter and sets the boy on fire, this presumably being The Bunnyman when he was only a child. Carl runs away despite John telling him to stay as he watches The Bunnyman wallow in pain from the flames as they melt away his skin and burn his hair off. The man then urinates on the boy's body just to add insult to injury. One of John's even younger sons, Jacob, comes to his rescue with a blanket and puts out the flames. The Bunnyman notices that the young boy also suffered a burn on his arm while saving him and the 8mm film ends.

The Bunnyman is then seen walking down a road carrying someone in a bag, briefly stopping to beat whoever's inside for trying to get out, and continue walking. When he reaches a bus stop, he opens the bag and it's revealed to be a child, and The Bunnyman sets him up on the bench like the young girl from the previous movie. A police truck suddenly drives up seeing The Bunnyman set up the child on the bench, and it's revealed that Sheriff Clint Baxter survived Joe's attack in the previous film. Sheriff Baxter tells The Bunnyman to surrender and step away from the child. The Bunnyman looks over to another car driving towards them and puts his hands up to have Sheriff Baxter put his guard down, then Carl suddenly runs the him over.

Carl calls The Bunnyman "Mike" and tells him to get in the car, which he does obediently. Somewhere else, John shoots a hiker in the chest with a sniper rifle. The Bunnyman arrives at a haunted house attraction where John is. Carl's brother Jacob is revealed to be the same man who saved The Bunnyman's life when he was a child when the burns on his arm are shown again.

Jacob shows The Bunnyman a room filled with dozens of old pictures, burned toys, and child's drawings The Bunnyman once made which gives him several flashbacks from the events of the first two films. More 8mm footage is then show, this time showing The Bunnyman as a child carrying his toys on a wagon in a field until two young girls throws rocks at him and chase him. After pelting him with more rocks, The Bunnyman reaches out to one of the girls, begging more mercy or help, though the girl just runs away like the other girl.

In a fit of rage, The Bunnyman trashes the room and then leaves to eat with the others at a table. When John asks Jacob what he has in his lap (an old picture of a family), he doesn't say anything. Carl tells John to stop picking on Jacob since he believes he's harmless, but John tells him he's wrong, because he's physically weak and "weak in the head". John accuses Jacob of repeatedly leaving a gate open which jeopardizes "the haunt". John takes the picture away from Jacob, and both men ask who the people in the picture are, to which Jacob only says "family".

Carl tells Jacob that the people in the picture aren't them and John asks Jacob if he's ashamed of them, though he again doesn't respond. John tells Jacob that they are all he has and all he's ever going to get. He antagonizes Jacob asking if he understands until Carl tells him that they should go out tonight for a hunt to see if "Mike" still has his abilities. John agrees and tells Carl to get the car ready. When he's asked if he'll watch the house, Jacob says he will. The Bunnyman takes Carl's food.

John and Carl put on skull masks drive The Bunnyman in a van to the woods and walk until they find a group of five campers and prepare an ambush. The Bunnyman stares intensely at one of the woman, having a flashback to the two girls who beat him with rocks, believing that she's one of them. When John gives The Bunnyman the signal, blowing an air horn twice, it confuses the campers and The Bunnyman reveals himself when he throws a machete into a woman named Melanie's stomach. The others run away while The Bunnyman grabs a tent pole and throws it like a spear into another woman, impaling her in the gut.

John and Carl capture the other three campers and take them back to the haunted house. John warns Carl that "Michael" is acting strange and he should watch him. The Bunnyman then suddenly attacks one of the women and when he's asked if she's dead, he comically shrugs. Figuring she is, John tells The Bunnyman that he and Jacob are going to clean up the body when they get back. Jacob and The Bunnyman carry the body away while the other campers beg for their lives, and drop her down a deep well. However, she's revealed to still be alive, albeit drowning at the bottom and begging for help. The Bunnyman throws a heavy tire down the well and kills her.

Back at the haunted house, Carl plays the 8mm film from the beginning and tells The Bunnyman's tale, apparently having come up with the name himself. He tells their two prisoners that The Bunnyman has come home and that nobody knows how many people he's killed and no one is brave enough to ask him. When John asks The Bunnyman how many people he's murdered, he has a flashback to all his victims from the previous two films, but doesn't respond. John then mocks The Bunnyman saying his burnt skin make shim look like a chicken nugget. The Bunnyman angrily leaves.

Later, Carl gives the women two options. The first one is either drink a vial of what he is says is just water or eat live spiders. He tells them if they don't pick an option, he'll make them pick both. The woman not tied down picks the water and Carl forces her to drink it. The water is revealed to be acid when her skin melts away and she quickly dies with her insides destroyed. The second woman then picks the spiders, then Carl allows several live tarantulas to crawl all over her and she chokes on one that climbs down into her throat. The Bunnyman then arrives with a shotgun and shoots her in the head, then leaves, satisfied with his payback for his humiliation by not letting him torture her more.

The next day, three teenagers arrive at the haunted house to ask for directions. One of the girls tells Jack that it isn't smart to go through a stranger's belongings, but he says if they don't they could run out of gas, not knowing they're being watched. One of the women warns Rachel to stop touching everything since it doesn't belong to her and she could break it, which she does on purpose. Jack finds part of the haunted house and The Bunnyman sitting still on a bench, which they believes is only a prop. When The Bunnyman suddenly gets up, the three of them run away. While Rachael and the other girl try and close heavy doors, The Bunnyman throws a shovel with a sharpened end into Jack's throat and into a metal wall. The Bunnyman then grabs the unnamed girl trying to close the door and smashes her head against it to knock her out.

Rachel saves her friend while The Bunnyman pulls his shovel out of Jack's throat and decapitates him to finish him off. The two women find John who's hiding a knife behind his back. They beg him for help only for him to stab Rachel in the throat and knock out the other woman. She later wakes up on a medical table, with some of her blood taken, that isn't strapping her down and she grabs a syringe to protect herself before stumbling away. The Bunnyman starts his chase after her with his chainsaw. When she hides inside of an empty coffin, she manages to sneak behind him and stab him in the neck with her syringe, drugging The Bunnyman and he collapses.

The Bunnyman has a psychedelic drug trip about his life, all while Joe from the first two films chases him and tries to kill him. When Carl finds The Bunnyman on the floor, he puts him on top of one of the coffins and goes after the woman who drugged him, slitting her throat.

The next night, Carl is now wearing a clown costume, and introduces a large crowd of people to their haunted house. The haunted house has real dead people hanged inside, though the guests either believe they're props or actors. When two guests come across a locked door, The Bunnyman arrives with his chainsaw and cuts off one of the women's fingers off when she thinks he has a fake chainsaw. He then cuts her head vertically in half. He then smashes her head against the locked door and nearly decapitates her with his chainsaw. It's then revealed that The Bunnyman has also killed at least six other people who were only expecting a haunted house attraction.

Just when Carl is about to introduce The Bunnyman, one of the women who've escaped The Bunnyman gets outside, she yells out to the crowd that they're trying to kill them all. Carl warns her to shut up, but she doesn't, so he shoots her dead. The crowd then runs off now knowing she wasn't lying or acting. John arrives and asks what happened, but Carl doesn't know, so John tells him to get into the house and Carl discovers what The Bunnyman has done. John tells Carl and Jacob they have to leave now since so many people know what's going on. John then explains they have 20 minutes to pack their things and go there separate ways permanently, but first he wants to punish The Bunnyman for ruining their business, though The Bunnyman isn't afraid of John. Carl tells Jacob to take "Michael" outside and he eventually does.

John tells Carl that they now have to kill The Bunnyman to hopefully make The Bunnyman take all the blame for the deaths, though Carl is reluctant since he's family to them and Jacob overhears this. Jacob puts The Bunnyman's chainsaw and his own stuff into their car. Jacob tells The Bunnyman John and Carl plan on killing him and he has to leave, then asks The Bunnyman to promise him to stay in his place in the woods so that he won't harm his family and they won't harm him, to which The Bunnyman shakes his hand in agreement and Jacob says goodbye to his only friend. Carl and John arrive to ask Jacob where The Bunnyman is going and he lies, saying he doesn't know. John doesn't believe him and orders Jacob to come over to him. When he does, he betrays Jacob by shooting him in the back of the head.

Carl tells John "Jacob didn't deserve to die" and John's only response is "F-ck Jacob". The Bunnyman hears Jacob's last request to him to not harm his family in his head, just like he used to hear Melissa's voice after her death, and he drives away. Carl asks John if they should follow The Bunnyman and John says no at first, and that they're going to the mountains.

The next day, Carl and John arrive at the mountains to hunt for The Bunnyman at a junkyard. Carl finds an abandoned RV and decides to check inside, finding The Bunnyman's chainsaw. However, The Bunnyman is watching him with a sniper rifle. He suddenly shoots Carl in the leg and he tries escaping by limping away and hiding. The Bunnyman also shoots John in the leg and then the arm when he reaches for his shotgun, forcing him to run back to the RV, only for The Bunnyman to suddenly appear behind him and knock him to the ground and crush his face with a kitchen sink.

Carl tries escaping in his car with The Bunnyman chasing after him in his, and he soon starts ramming into his car to try and knock him off the road which he eventually does and Carl crashes into a tree, knocking himself out. The Bunnyman then takes Carl out of his car and handcuffs him to the back of it while pouring gasoline onto him. The Bunnyman then watches as he sets Carl on fire and he slowly dies, then drives off. For the final time, The Bunnyman walks off into the sunset, having a flashback to 8mm footage of The Bunnyman's mother and himself as a baby. The Bunnyman takes off his mask and he hears his mother this time saying "Things will be alright. They can't hurt you anymore. Slowly but surely, the bad feelings will go away. Forever and ever. Forever and Ever."


Bunnyman (2011)

  • Unknown Woman - Torn in half when her top half is chained to a tree by The Bunnyman and the bottom half to his truck and he drives off.
  • Jack - Crushed under a car when The Bunnyman crashes into it while he's working on it.
  • Unknown Man - Killed off-screen with a chainsaw by The Bunnyman, body shown.
  • Unknown Woman - Killed off-screen with a chainsaw by The Bunnyman, body shown.
  • Jennifer - Killed off-camera with a chainsaw by The Bunnyman.
  • Unknown Man - Killed off-screen with a chainsaw by The Bunnyman, body shown.
  • Mike - Killed off-screen with a chainsaw by The Bunnyman.
  • Tiffany - Tortured to death off-screen by The Bunnyman and Pops.
    • Total - Eight

The Bunnyman Massacre (2014)

  • Female Middle-School Child - Killed off-screen in an unknown manner by The Bunnyman, body shown.
  • Female Bus-Driver - Shot in the head by The Bunnyman.
  • 11 Middle-School Children - Killed off-camera with a chainsaw by The Bunnyman.
  • Male Middle-School Child - Beaten to death by The Bunnyman's bare hands.
  • Unknown Woman - Smashed against a rock in her sleeping bag by The Bunnyman.
  • Unknown Man - Shot in the head off-screen with a sniper rifle by The Bunnyman.
  • Unknown Woman - Stabbed in the neck with a machete by The Bunnyman.
  • Rachael - Killed off-screen with a machete by The Bunnyman.
  • Unknown Woman - Hacked to death with a machete by The Bunnyman.
  • Unknown Woman - Stabbed through the face with a chainsaw by The Bunnyman.
  • Unknown Person - Drowned inside of a barrel off-screen by The Bunnyman, skeleton shown.
  • Unknown Woman - Shoved into a barrel by Joe and The Bunnyman which has several nails drilled into it and then pushed down a hill, getting stabbed by the nails and she quickly bleeds to death.
  • Stephanie - Drilled in the eye off-camera by The Bunnyman.
  • Kelly - Gored off-camera with a chainsaw by The Bunnyman.
  • Lauren - Head bashed against a truck door by The Bunnyman.
  • Joe - Shot in the neck by Sheriff Clint Baxter, then shot in the head by The Bunnyman.
    • Total - Twenty Six

Bunnyman Vengeance (2017)

  • Male Child - Beaten to death by The Bunnyman.
  • Melanie - Stabbed in the stomach with a machete thrown by The Bunnyman.
  • Unknown Woman - Impaled with a tent pole thrown by The Bunnyman.
  • Unknown Woman - Killed off-screen with a heavy tire thrown by The Bunnyman.
  • Unknown Woman - Chokes on a live tarantula put on her body by Carl, shot in the head with a shotgun by The Bunnyman. (The tarantula is revealed to have survived.)
  • Unknown Man - Impaled in the throat with the sharpened end of a shovel thrown by The Bunnyman.
  • Three Unknown People - Killed off-screen by The Bunnyman in an unknown manner. Bodies shown in haunted house.
  • Unknown Woman - Fingers cut off, head cut vertically in half with a chainsaw by The Bunnyman.
  • Unknown Woman - Nearly decapitated with a chainsaw by The Bunnyman.
  • Six Unknown Guests - Killed off-screen with a chainsaw by The Bunnyman, bodies shown.
  • John - Head crushed with a kitchen sink by The Bunnyman.
  • Carl - Set on fire with gasoline by The Bunnyman.
    • Nineteen



The Bunnyman Massacre (2014) - School Bus Massacre