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  • Lori Spengler: The original Babyface was Tree Gelbman's college roommate who wanted to kill her as revenge for having an affair with her secret lover, Gregory Butler. When Tree doesn't eat the Birthday cupcake she poisoned, she resorts to dressing in dark clothing and wearing one of the college's mascot masks to kill her directly. She succeeds multiple times, but because of Tree being stuck in a time loop, she eventually loses after Tree figures out that it's her and kicks her out of the dorm window, causing her to fall to her death.
  • John Tombs: Already a serial killer who had killed at least six women, Tombs was transported to the hospital where Lori worked. Lori planned for Tombs to take the fall for Tree's death by letting him escape and put on the costume. This does not change in the second timeline, as Tombs is still a serial killer and a scapegoat for the murder. It's easy to tell when he's the killer, as he never wears gloves.
  • Ryan Phan: After opening a portal to another timeline, an alternate universe version of Carter's friend wears the costume in order to kill his other universe version to restore the natural order.
  • Gregory Butler: A doctor at the hospital where Lori worked and Tombs was being held. In both timelines, Butler was having affairs with both Tree and Lori, despite already being married to a woman named Stephanie Butler. In the second timeline, the roles have been switched. Lori is not the Babyface Killer, but is a target. Gregory became the killer in order to cover up loose ends by murdering his two former mistresses, Tree and Lori.