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Little is known about Bartello/Lipori, except for the fact he was locked up in the Albuzano Institute for the Criminally Insane and escaped at some point. Travelling to a different part of Italy, he lived under the alias Bartello and helped manage a bookstore. However, he couldn't control his urges, especially with a pretty girl working in his store. When he overheard one of his regular customers, Oliviero Rouvigny, arranging a date with the girl, he used the opportunity. He followed the girl to the meeting spot and used a billhook to slash her throat.

When the murder was reported, it was believed by the police that there would be more. Oliviero himself was a huge suspect, and it didn't help when their maid was slashed with a billhook. However, later, it's revealed that the maid's murder wasn't Bartello's doing, and was the work of Oliviero's wife, Irina, who wanted to make her husband think he was the killer.

A couple nights later, after the maid's death, Bartello broke into the house of a hooker and killed her, too. However, one of the hooker's friends surprised him from behind, hitting him with something that impaled him in the neck, causing him to die of blood loss.


  • Bartello's role is similar to that of the Razor Killer from The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh. They are both killers that derived sexual pleasure from murdering women, both were killed early on, and both served as red herrings for the real main antagonists.