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Barbara Worth is the main antagonist in the 1970 giallo comedy film The Weekend Murders directed by Michele Lupo. She was played by Anna Moffo (1932-2006).


She was born in Somerleyton, Suffolk, but she was raised in America. Her sister, Isabelle, was part of the Carter family. Barbara was the last person to see her father-in-law alive. Before dying, her father-in-law, Henry, planned to give all of his inheritance to Isabelle, but Barbara forced him to give her all of the money. Barbara was scared that someone's going to take her money, so she planned to murder her family members. She constructed a device that resembled a telescope, but was actually a gun. It would fire at noon, killing anyone in front of it. She first murdered the butler with a knife, removing any suspicion from him. As she continued to murder her family members, the police became more involved. After killing Isabelle, Barbara tried to flirt with her husband, Anthony. A dimwitted officer, named Aloisius, eventually solved the case. He pointed the telescope at Anthony right before noon, making Barbara leap out and point the telescope away. She was arrested shortly after.

Kill Count

  1. Peter the Butler - Stabbed
  2. Ted Collins - Shot
  3. Pauline Collins - Shot
  4. Isabelle Carter - Shot