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  • Egerton: The owner of a bowling alley and the father of Lisa. One night, a heated argument between two bowling teams lead to the brutal rape of his daughter. The next night, during the bowling match, he began murdering Lisa's friends, who he had blamed for not being there to prevent the rape.
  • Patrick: One of the members of Steve's bowling team. Patrick was in love with Lisa, and thought his team was just going to scare her a bit. After his three teammates were finished with Lisa, they made him rape her with a bowling pin. Guilty about this fact, Patrick went to Lisa's father and told him about it. Though, Egerton wanted to kill Patrick right then and there, he spared him because he knew that Patrick would help kill.
  • Lisa: Lisa is the daughter of Egerton. Her rape is what lead to BBK's creation. She only wears the BBK outfit to murder Steve to take out her aggression and avenge her rape.

List of Victims


  • Julia - Suffocated.
  • Dave - Suffocated.
  • Sam - Bowling pin shoved into throat, suffocated.
  • Ben - Stabbed in the eyes with sharpened bowling pin.
  • Cindy - Strangled with shoelace.
  • Hannah - Head crushed with two bowling balls.
  • Patrick - Throat slit with switchblade.


  • A.J. - Face melted and shredded with ball polisher.
  • Joey - Decapitated with pinsetter, off-screen.


  • Steve - Sodomized with sharpened bowling pin, bludgeoned.