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As a child, Martiens was abused by his parents, so he joined the Navy to escape them. When they died, he returned to collect what they had left him. He thought they had given him their gold, but they just left him a music box. After traveling to Africa, Martiens learned of a ritual that would allow him to travel in and out of Hell, thus giving him the chance to talk to his parents and learn where they hid their fortune. However, it required 8 human heads in order to work. So, he kidnapped children and decapitated them, afterwards putting their heads on pikes. One day, after kidnapping the two last kids he needed, he was tracked by the police who had found one of his voodoo necklaces at the scene of the last kidnapping.

The police interrupted him as he was about to decapitate the last kid, and he attempted to escape. However, he was soon apprehended and given a choice; either he could be hanged or he could become a fireman. (a fireman was a convicted criminal, who, rather then be given the death penalty, was sent down into the mines to set off the methane in order to make it safe for miners. If they lived, they were spared.) Martiens managed to survive, but was shot and killed by the police anyways. Afterwards, his soul was either sent to Hell or trapped inside the mines.